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Mappa’s World Map

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Title: Mappa’s World Map (Political)

  • Author: The Mappa Ltd.
  • Price: Normal Folding=Tk.50/-Laminated Sheet=Tk.100/- & Plastic Wood with Framing=1000/-

  • ISBN: 984-8143-04-1
  • Edition: 18th Edition, 2018
  • Copyright :Copyright Reserved by The Mappa Ltd.
  • Number of Pages: 23×36 Inch
  • Country:Bangladesh
  • Language:English

World Map Information

  • International Boundary
  • Capital Cities
  • Major Cities
  • Sea / River / Lake/
  • Sea Route

Mappa’s World Map contain  New Seven Wonder’s Name of The World & Pictures, Country Names & Flags, Largest Countries name, Smallest Countries Name, Largest Islands name, Longest Mountains Name, Longest Rivers Name, Largest Lakes Name, Largest Deserts Name, Peninsulas Names, Highest & Lowest Surface Point on Each Continent, Highest Peaks Name of The Seven Continents, Five Oceans Name, Major Seas  & Average Depth, Former Place Name of Countries & Cities, Basic Facts About The Earth.