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About The Mappa Ltd.

The Mappa Ltd. is a leading consulting firm aiming at providing professional Land Surveying & Geospatial Solution to our clients by using advanced technology of Electronic Total Stations (ETS), Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS Survey, UAV / Drone, High Resolution Satellite Images, Aerial Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing & GIS solutions.

We use a range of tools and techniques to produce geo-referenced maps including thermal images, photomosaic and photogrammetry. We can create ortho-rectified aerial maps or images which have the benefit of being much more detailed than satellite or traditional aerial photography. We are experienced in GIS and remote sensing and can produce a wide range of maps & models such as digital terrain and 3D models.

Since it’s started as a Mapping and Survey consultancy firm, gradually the Mappa stepped into GIS and IT business areas including integrated MIS based GIS application development, software development, networking, digital mapping, satellite image analysis, survey using GPS and total station to meet up the diverse requirements of its valuable clients. To build up GIS database at National and Regional levels to provide services in its lines of business including GIS services, digital mapping, socio-economic and physical survey, education, health & nutrition, environment and development issues to clients — Govt./private sector, NGOs, donors, foreign missions, etc. To provide training to professionals, executives, office staff and field personnel from both Government and private sector on issues of interest in their relevant field. Print and published map/atlas and other documents / literature to serve the requirements of valued clients.

We use the latest surveying and mapping technology to serve our clients with the highest quality products and competitive rates.